The Debt Deal: What's Next and How Will It Impact Your Business?

The deficit reduction deal will dominate the congressional and presidential agendas for the balance of 2011 and have a profound impact on the U.S. economy.  Join our panel of political and policy insiders at a webcast where they will evaluate whether the “super committee” can reach an agreement, and predict which sectors and programs will be most vulnerable to further spending cuts. 

 Some of the questions our panel will discuss include:

  • How will tax policy likely change?
  • How will the appropriation process change this year, and how will the budget-cutting process affect industries such as health care, agriculture, energy, defense and others?
  • How will the White House deal with this budget-cutting panel?

This webcast will provide the analysis and insight necessary to understand the events that will unfold behind closed doors and affect your business. Our panel will take questions and answer with specifics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
12:00 – 1:30 pm EDT

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